First day of C9

By: bente

I’ve made up my mind! I’m going to loose my weight! Get my health back and get fit again!

As a young girl I was slim and fit, always keeping active and taking care of myself. I used to weight 64 kg and was a fit and very athletic young woman. I even played soccer for 25 years!

In my late 20’s I started participating in all sort of long distance races. Cross country skiing, biking, skating, running, swimming – you name it! I used to bike 90 km in 3:30, now that’s quite fast for an office girl. So I’ve been fit, but something happened on the way… Life got in between!

Now I am over weight, struggling with moving – it’s high TIME to stop the laziness and start a health quest! Are you with me!?

C9 Box

C9 Box

C9 Chocolate(1)

Cecilia introduced me to Forever Living products a few weeks ago. I have now ordered the C9 box from Forever Living.

It’s great to find health and get back into shape TOGETHER! It makes loosing weight a lot more fun, and being a team to help each other makes it easier! Like this week that passed we went to play tennis together!

C9 is designed to restart your body and fill you up with energy! For 9 days the idea is to exercise 30 min per day, drink Aloe Vera gel, shake Forever Ultra, Forever Fiber, Forever Therm and drink ALOT of water! It’s a body cleanser.

Day 1-9 you make fresh barry shakes and drink them after the exercise, and there are also delicious dinner recipes with only 500-600 kcal in the C9-guide. Day 3-9 you will eat 1000 kcal per day.

Tricks when hungry, is to drink more water, eat raw vegetables from a C9-list, and you can eat a piece of fruit.

You weigh-in and take your measurements from top to toe everyday! And I have to report to Cecilia! :)  This gives me a kick to reach my  goals! And I hope you want to join us in out quest for fitness, health and wellness! Why don’t you? Let’s do it together!

Order your product from me or Cecilia, depending on who you know the best. :) Fill in your contact details below, and I’ll help you with your order.

There IS nothing impossible – we can do THIS and have FUN!